Les Series en Helvetie 2013??

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Lightweight Nat
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Les Series en Helvetie 2013??

Message par Lightweight Nat » jeudi 09 août 2012 12:47

HI all!!

I won't bother trying to murder the French language by trying to type in French, so please excuse this entry into the English speaking forum...

A few of us from the UK were wondering if we knew the dates yet for Les Series en Helvetie 2013?? We had such a fantastic time last year, a lot of us are looking forward to returning again next year, it would be nice to know the dates as people need to book holiday from work, and some of us will be hoping to make the trip part of a bigger euro-leafing adventure!!

Many thanks,
Nat :hello:

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Re: Les Series en Helvetie 2013??

Message par pandarouge » jeudi 09 août 2012 13:39

Try contacting Yves De Mestral on this forum.
If no answer get back to us in here...


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de Mestral
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Re: Les Series en Helvetie 2013??

Message par de Mestral » lundi 03 déc. 2012 21:44

:hello: Lightweigt Nat !
Im just see your question now ! so, series en Helvetie is on the 12 to 15 jully 2013.

http://forum.le-temps-des-series.com/vi ... =9&t=24052

Hope im not to late for you booking your holliday .
see you.